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Caravan Services & Repairs

Tango Caravans Repairs remains at the front of guaranteeing consistent caravan servicing and repairs. Our commitment is to deliver first-class caravan repairs, correct accidental damages, or execute complete renovations while prioritising your well-being and comfort on the road. What separates Tango is our team of highly skilled caravan repair specialists dedicated to caravan repairs.  

Years of expertise in the caravan services industry 

We boast some of the most seasoned caravan repair specialists in the field. Each caravan service and repair task is carefully managed from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery, adherence to financial constraints, and firm quality principles.  

Ethos revolves around providing a customer-driven approach 

We ensure a friendly, transparent, solid caravan service and repairs that make your experience with us smooth and stress-free. Efficiency is key in getting you back on the road swiftly, and we have developed enduring partnerships with towing specialists, recovery experts, insurers, and parts providers.  

A network allowing us to minimise any potential delays 

We ensure a quick turnaround during the caravan repair process without compromising excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by knowledgeable caravan repair specialists, our caravan repair centres are geared towards rapid and efficient caravan servicing and repairs, ensuring your caravan is road-ready in the shortest time possible. 

Seasoned professionals taking special care of RVs 

There are a significant number of vehicles we cater to, including caravans, camper trailers, and RVs. Our expertise encompasses caravan services, repairs, and enhancements, elevating your travel experience. What distinguishes us is our well-established knowledge and experience.  

Lineage in caravan and camper trailer manufacturing 

Our team comprises highly talented specialists committed to delivering excellent customer care while providing cost-effective solutions tailored to your caravan service and repair needs. Navigating the nuances of this industry is our strength, and we collaborate intimately with you to identify the most budget-friendly caravan service and repair solutions.  

Our fully equipped team handle projects of any size. 

Ensuring no caravan service or repair is beyond our capabilities is our focus. We cover everything from suspension and frame upgrades to solar charger installations, caravan electrics, awnings, canvas, upholstery repairs or replacements, and tailor-made custom changes. Whether it’s hail, fire, storm, flood, or impact-related damage, our friendly team is ready to address your caravan servicing and repair needs with minimal hassle promptly, for which to get in touch. 


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